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Historically the hair implantation procedure has been very effective for men who are suffering the effects of male pattern baldness.The reason for this is these men usually have a very effective area to be used as a donor site for the hair transplant procedure.This is necessary in order for the procedure to be the most effective.

When a man loses his hair he usually has a genetic condition known as Male Pattern Baldness.This condition results in hair loss at the front and crown areas of the head which can sometimes spread down to ear level and affect the entire top of the scalp area.The cause of this is thought to be an increase in DHT which is a byproduct derived from the metabolism of the male hormone testosterone.Also known as androgenic alopecia, this medical condition can be passed down from either the mother's or father's side of the family.

There are drugs that can be utilized to treat hair loss caused by the alopecia but they are not 100% effective and some have potentially serious side effects.The one method that has almost complete effectiveness is hair implants which are also called hair transplants or hair plugs.This treatment results in hair growth on the bald spot that will last for years.

The key to a good result is the patient needs to have an area of good hair growth that can act as a donor area.Since the hair loss from male pattern baldness takes place on the upper half of the head this leaves a usually thick growth on the posterior of the head.The surgeon can remove the hair follicular units from this area and then place them into the bald area.Within a few weeks the transplanted follicles will start to attach to the blood supply and begin to manufacture hair shaft material.

The hair implant procedure works so well for men because they generally have this hair growth at the back of the head.Women, on the other hand, usually experience hair thinning along with the bald patches.This does not offer a good donor area and thus standard hair implants are not a good choice for females.They need a different hair implantation technique designed for thin hair. 生え際 増毛

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