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We are creating a plug-in for Eclipse for editing DPF models. The master students working on this are

  • Dag Viggo Lokøen
  • (Øyvind Bech, finished)
  • Anders Sandven and
  • Suneetha Sekhar


Try the current version of the DPF Editor

Install the DPF editor

  1. Install Eclipse Modeling Tools (Indigo) from Download Eclipse
  2. Download latest source code of the DPF editor from here
  3. Extract the zip file (you get the directory dpf-model-editor)
  4. Start Eclipse
  5. Import all projects of directory dpf-model-editor in your Eclipse workspace
    1. File->Import->General->Existing Projects into Workspace
    2. Select root directory dpf-model-editor
    3. Keep all projects selected and press Finish
 Attention: There may be a few compile errors in some Java classes: Just ignore them!

Run the DPF editor

  1. Run no.hib.dpg.editor project as Eclipse application
    1. Right mouse click on project no.hib.dpg.editor
    2. Run as Eclipse Application
  2. Create a new DPF-project in the runtime instance of Eclipse
    1. File->New->Other...
    2. Select Diagram Predicate Framework->Diagram Predicate Framework Project
    3. Enter <Project name> and press Finish.
    4. Yes, you want to open the DPF Editor perspective :)
  3. Create new DPF model:
    1. File->New->Other...
    2. Select Diagram Predicate Framework->DPF Diagram Specification Diagram
    3. Choose a file name for your specification and select folder <Project name>/specifications as storage location.
    4. Finish (Optional: Should you already have a DPF specification you can choose this specification as metamodel here)

User Information

Generating code with the Xpand plugin

Developer Information

Continous Integration: Hudson

Getting started using the code.

Developer Guidelines

Building the plugin

JavaDoc: Add me!

 Some documentation notes

ToDo List

General Discussion

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