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This will be a simple question and answer session on erections. It will try to answer if you erection problem is psychological or physical. try this My final thought on erection problem is this. If whatever is going on concerns you, worries you or makes you pull away from people then it is a problem of enough importance that you should bite the bullet and go see your doctor. Yes it might be embarrassing but there are surely worse things than that? cialis uk online Can you achieve an erection through masturbation?

If you can then most likely your problem is some sort of psychological block, shyness, nervousness, anxiety or better known as performance anxiety. talks about it Do you have sexual desire to perform?

If you can not get an erection and really do not feel the need or desire to have a sexual encounter and it has been going on for some time then you may have a medical issue for your impotence.

Do you wake with an erection? go to website

Erection problems are just that, it means you can not get an erection, so if you are waking up with a woody, then most likely your problem is with the emotions of the act. in the know Did your erection problem come on quickly or start slow and just become more and more of a problem?

Most erection problems that come on slowly and keep lasting time after time are known to be caused by many medical reasons such as clogged arteries, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Are you under stress?

Stress effects every aspect of our life and in the bedroom is certainly no stranger to it. If you are under stress due to work or life then most likely the problem will be coming from your psyche.

Does your penis look the same as normal for you?

Some diseases show up as torsions or bumps on your penis

Taking any drugs including over the counter drugs or herbs?

Certain drugs have been known to cause this problem, ask your doctor if one of yours may be the culprit

Do you drink?

There is a range of drinking somewhere between one and two drinks that your erections will actually be enhanced and seem stronger, if you drink past that point you will have troubles achieving an erection and if you are or were a chronic drinker then you may have caused nerve damage.

Are you a diabetic?

It is said that 50 percent of men with true impotence problems long term and severe have it because of diabetes.

Have you had your blood checked especially for cholesterol and sugar lately?

High cholesterol is not a get it one day and it goes away thing. You should have it checked at least yearly. Diabetes is also a disease that you get if you are middle age or gaining weight and should be checked yearly or if you are severely thirsty or going to the bathroom frequently.

Are you having any other problems health wise along with the erection problem?

It may be a hormone problem if you are chronically losing hair, having manboobs where you didn't before, and are feeling emotionally outside yourself.

If the cause of your erection problem is medical then you will lose interest in sex and most likely be sterile?

No, not true, erection problem has only to do with whether you can get hard or not, not whether you can make babies and if you lose interest in sex it is probably a defense mechanism to protect yourself.

Do many men have erection problems?

It is estimated that 100 million men at one time or another will encounter this problem.

Erection problems always come with age?

Certainly you may slow down with age, be unable to get into all those old positions that you liked, and of course you are more apt to have elderly type of diseases that can effect your erections, however it does not have to consume and control your sex life.

Most problems with erections are because of mental reasons?

No this is not true, mental and psychological reasons can be the sole culprit or they can attach themselves to a medical problem. Only approximately 25% of men will have the cause be purely psychological.

Most problems with erections are due to physical problems?

Yes this is true; from seventy to ninety percent have a physical cause. There are five contributing medical risk factors for erectile dysfunction

Circulation problems Cholesterol to high High Blood Pressure Diabetes Hardening of the arteries

Erection problems almost always lead to depression?

Just about any chronic health problem can lead to depression; however this is an important issue for men to not get stuck in. See your doctor for help first.

If you have this problem you should just wait it out?

No, no and no you should give yourself some time to see if it is an actual problem for you, though running to the doctor the first time you can not get it up may seem OK to you and I am sure your doctor would not mind. However men with this problem long term can lead to depression, anxiety, low self esteem and defiantly poor self image. It may keep them from social interactions thereby limiting their life.

Smoking, drinking and taking drugs only give temporary problems with erectile dysfunction?

Yes and No. If you only drink or smoke occasionally then it should be no problem but if you do any of these things frequently and over a period of time they can have lasting effects with your ability to get an erection.

I am a MAN; I do not need no stinkin Doctor

Ummm, yes you do if you are having erection problems that concern you. Do not forget to have good directions to the doctor's office for I know you will not stop to ask. Most cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated much better and quicker than you trying to do it yourself.

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