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User infomation

The administrator of the repository you want to use should be able to provide you with access details. In general, the access URL for a subversion repository is (eg. Write access is normally hidden behind a login. If you haven't received a username and password, ask the administrator of your repository for one.

If have a login, but want to change the password for it, go to Log in using your current username and password, then navigate to "User admin" and click the "Edit" button.

You will now see a form with some information. Enter the desired password into the "New password" and "Repeat new password" fields, supply your current password in the bottom "Password" field, and click "Confirm." Your password should now be changed.

Administrator information

Creating a repository

Go to There should be a menu entry called "Repository admin" in the left-hand menu. If not, create a support request at explaining the situation.

You should now see a "Create" button. If you can't see this it's probably because you have exceeded your repository limit. Again, file a support request at if you need a larger limit. Enter a sensible name and description for your repository and hit "Confirm" and you should now have a new repository. Currently no-one has read or write access to this repository. How to edit this is explained in a subsequent section.

Adding a new user

Unfortunately only the server administrator can add new users. Please file a support request at listing the emails of all the users you need created. The users will then receive an invitation email with a link where they can create their username and password. Once this is done the usernames will be available in the repository permission editor.

Editing user privileges

Go to In the menu, select "Repository Admin". Click the "User privileges" button, then select the repository you want to change the rights for. If you can't see the correct repository here, it's probably because you're not the repository admin. Contact the current repository admin or file a support request at if you think this is an error.

You will now see a list of access control directives. Each one consists of a username, a path, a read attribute and a write attribute. Select a username in the dropdown. (The * user is used for anonymous logins if you want to enable passwordless read-only access to your repository.) You can then select a directory in the repository this access is valid for. If you select the default "/", it will be valid for the whole repository. Lastly select read and/or write permissions by selection the checkboxes. (Write without read doesn't make much sense, btu you can add it if you want to).

Repeat this process for all users you want to be able to access your repository.

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