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General (small stuff) TODO:

  • Versioning scheme: have all the plug-ins take their version info from a central file, prefereably containing the active svn version
  • Make some example graphs, determine what results they should yield
  • Make/get a better icon for .dpf files
  • Keep "validation" status on-screen after other changes in editor, for instance saving the spec
  • Save signatures to file. DONE, but not at the right place or in the right file.
  • DONE(ish) Have a long, hard look at single line constraints: undo doesn't work, how to make labels movable and so on
  • DONE(ish) Constraints on toolbar
  • DONE(ish), but not tested or anything: Save constraints in a correct manner

(Check that "undone" constraints are not saved along with the correct ones)

  • Shape -> arity?


  • DONE Print in the real print menu
  • DONE Better inter-node anchoring of arrows
  • DONE Movable arrow labels
  • DONE Grid and snap
  • DONE Create a graph homomorphism when applying a constraint (it's already created, but not kept)
  • DONE Make battle plan for pullback operation
  • DONE Build pullback operation piecemeal, use TDD
  • DONE Naming on predicate symbols, lowercase and hyphenated
  • DONEish fullføre/videreføre palett-greier (rette noder og kanter fra typegrafen, constraints med små, fine ikon)
  • DONE printout
  • DONE name arrows
  • DONE check serialization (type arrows do not get attatched to arrows)
  • DONE (dagvl) Rename edge to arrow everywhere
  • DONE Naming changes: Model -> Specification in Wizard.
  • DONE Naming changes: Read paper extract and figure out changes needed
  • DØNE Arrowends should be open non-bottomed triangle
  • DONE Default names on nodes
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