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It can be sad whenever those who can see the fact get unheard. Both ignored or penalized for their perspective, both in cases they must ultimately opt to forget is to do the very best for anyone around them as combating a giant all set to put pressure on anyone inside their way is never a quick. Michael of Regional 88 within Portland is one of these brave individuals who spoke several hours election irregularities and the scenario to rerun that. System of Associates First always quarreled they would include won whether or not right now treasurer Ruben Santos used illegally obtain AFSCME Regional 3299’s employment data to use and also obscure facts against the incumbent supervision.

What exactly doesn’t get discussed too was the member in order to member intimidation which Members First inflicted on people that were inside their method. Many users reported being in physical form strong for you to vote for often the Members First state, some who also organized with Usa for Change ended up even harmed as you go along. Appears to be Members Initial has taken information from the days and nights when Teamsters ended up with bare concrete shoes at the end of the ocean.

Many long term staffers have gone or forced out, often the few members from the United regarding Change ticket who all won executive mother board positions have often left or also been silenced. As well as what exactly? Members 1st has never achieved it may be name. Employing attorney at law Jonathan Siegel who have been sued completely simply by SEIU-UHW for made it simpler for in raiding one of their sections member cash to take action. Powerful minority members simply by refusing to listen their cause. Refusing to resolve phones after they fired staffers of grounds offices. Always keeping hush the point that participants information was thieved but yet they were doing not inform people of this sort of breach regarding credit related details. What happened to the as soon as strong, highly effective 3299? Wherever is their brain at?

Is considered hard to know the way AFSCME Foreign could the stand by position and authorized such unethical behaviour. During a period if the labor mobility today is overshadowed by the successes of the Occupy movement, changing the national talk and great loss throughout Wisconsin to exclusive interests. Has big green shed it’s approach? What makes now International President Shelter Saunders disregard the calls through current & ex- staffers, officials, executive aboard members, along with rank and data 3299 members who all declared something was very wrong with this election? What makes it the fact that proven fact that the underhand behavior was compensated by AFSCME Global now President Lee Saunders and users do not know about it?

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