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There are two key ways in which an hotelier can get a chefs jackets for a newly employed cook. All staff members in a kitchen who are directly involved in preparing food should have a uniform that includes a jacket. Similar to doctors with their own coats, a lot of senior chefs also have their very own chef jackets. It is a different case with the not so senior kitchen staff. You, as the hotelier, would have to supply them with chef jackets that are, for all intents and purposes, their uniform. It is partly in compliance with sanitation and public health standards to have the cooks wearing chef jackets at work. This is quite probably the main reason why chef jackets, or something similar, are imposed to kitchen staff to be work while they are at work. Cooks wearing uniform chef jackets will also go a very long way in projecting a classy and dignified appearance for the restaurant, hotel or establishment.

If you have a new cook and you are looking for a chef jacket for him, your first option would be to approach a tailor to make one for the cook. Tailors are often seen striking up deals with larger hotels. They would take on the responsibility of providing all the uniforms of the kitchen staff, including chef jackets. This will have chef jackets that are tailored specifically to the body measurements of the cooks who will wear them. On the downside though, this approach does mean that the newly employed cook has to wait for quite a while, as his or her new jacket is tailored. This sort of waiting introduces a measure of inefficiency, especially in cases where it runs into several days (during which the newly-employed cook has to be kept on the payroll).

The second way in which an hotelier can get a chef jacket for a newly employed cook is by ordering a ready-made one. This can either be done online, or in a local store dealing with these types of clothing items. This approach does have one major advantage: in the fact that it doesn't involve waiting for the jacket to be made. This is important, because in many cases, cooks have to be employed on an urgent basis and having them wait for chef jackets to be custom made for them can be costly. It is also worth noting that the ready made chef jackets tend to be cheaper than those that are custom made.

Those, in a nutshell, are the ways in which an hotelier can get a chef jacket for a newly employed cook. As we have seen, each approach has its own upside and downside. In the final analysis, the circumstances surrounding the employment of the new cooks dictate how the hoteliers go about getting chef jackets for them. For instance, in cases where cooks are employed on an urgent basis, it is often necessary to get ready made chef jackets for them. That is as opposed to waiting for customized chef jackets to be made for them.

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