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How to get started (Have to be updated)

Get started running DPF Sketcher

  • You will need:
 *  Eclipse Indigo (download Eclipse Modeling Tools from
 *  A login to the Subversion repository

Now, you can check out the source code from within Eclipse:

  • Create a new Eclipse workspace.
  • Select "File/Import..."
  • Select an import source: Select "SVN/Checkout Projects from SVN". Click "Next >"
  • Select/Create Location: Select "Create a new repository location". Click "Next >"
  • Url: enter Click "Next >"
  • Select Folder: select "no.hib.dpf.editor". Click "Finish"

Repeat this operation, with the following modifications: at Select an import sorce, use "Use existing repository location" and select ""

Check out the other projects in the repository:

  • no.hib.dpf.api
  • no.hib.dpf.feature
  • no.hib.dpf.core
  • no.hib.dpf.core.tests
  • no.hib.dpf.pdebuild

Now, the workspace should contain six projects. Right-click no.hib.dpf.edior and select "Run As > Eclipse Application"

In the new Eclipse instance:

  • Create an empty project: File/New > Project...: Select General/Project. Click "Next >", Name the project, for instance "My Project".
  • Select File/New > Other...
  • In the "Select a wizard" wizard, select the Diagram Predicate Framework/DPF Specification Diagram wizard.
  • Select the project you just created as parent folder and name the specification file. Click "Finish"
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