3 Benefits of Estate Planning

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If you’re like most people, you know that you should do estate planning, but don’tfully realize all of the benefits. Here are 3

benefits of estate planning: Estate planning provides peace of mind You can sleep well at night, knowing that you have “taken care of business” and that your loved ones will be properly cared for

if you become disabled or die.Share that you have entered into the estate planning process with your loved ones and they will

share in your peace of mind, knowing that all will be okay in the event of an emergency. Estate planning keeps you in control If you become disabled or die without your personal estate plan in place, the law has an estate plan for you and it may not be

what you would want.For instance, if you haven’t named guardians for your minor children in your will,the court will decide who

raises your children if you cannot. This may not be what you want and is a loss of control.And, if you haven’t provided for

asset distribution in your will or trust, state law will dictate who receives your assets. This may not be what you want and is

a loss of control. Estate planning saves money Just as when you plan anything a head of time, you likely save money when you do your estate planning before an emergency.For

instance, if you have agents under a power of attorney and trustees under a trust in place to act should you become disabled,

you save a huge amount of money over paying for a court conservator ship process.And, having a fully funded revocable living

trust typically saves money over having your assets go through probate. If you have questions about the benefits of estate planning, consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

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