3500 Calories Is Equivalent To 1 Pound Of Unwanted Fat

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Weight Loss Can Be Accomplished Easily If You Follow The Correct Calculations

Losing weight is something that many men and women are attempting to do nowadays and you will find that when you understand the math, weight loss isn't that difficult. One thing a lot of men and women don't realize is the fact that 1 pound of fat will wind up equaling approximately 3500 calories. What this essentially means is that if you want to burn up 1 pound of fat every week you will need to burn up 3500 more calories than you consume.

Shedding 2 pounds of fat each week is something that you are going to find that most doctors will recommend you stick to rather than trying to lose as many pounds as you possibly can as fast as possible. You are going to find that one of the primary reasons doctors recommend this is mainly because it is more healthy for your body and it will also enable you to maintain the weight loss. While lowering the amount of calories you take in each day is one method to lose weight, you will find that adding exercise will also be important. The great thing about adding exercise to your routine is that it is going to build muscle, and the muscle will in turn help you burn more calories each day.

Taking a quick walk or jogging for approximately one hour every single day will be a terrific way for somebody to start getting the exercise they want to incorporate inside their daily life. This 1 hour jog can burn about 350 calories which is more than enough to get you going in your fat loss goals. Although you will acquire the best effects if you opt to do this all at once, there's no reason at all you cannot wind up dividing this 1 hour into multiple jogging sessions every day.

For those of you who would like to lose weight even quicker, adjusting your diet will be one of your best options, specifically when you combine this with exercise. You should never start off cutting back on calories by getting rid of veggies and fruits, instead cut out the junk food and all the foods that you eat from the fast food places. You should also keep in mind that when it comes to losing a few pounds women should be taking in anywhere from 1200 to 1400 calories per day, and man should be taking in anywhere between 1600 and 2000 calories per day.

For those of you who want to accomplish a 2 pound weight loss each and every week it also comes back to mathematics, so if 1 pound of weight loss equals 3500 calories, you will need to burn 7000 calories if you expect to have 2 pounds of weight loss. Many men and women will still continue to eat the same sorts of foods, but by cutting back on the amount of these foods that you eat each and every week can still supply you with the reduced calorie intake you are trying to find. Losing weight isn't nearly as tough as many men and women think, particularly when you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine and lower your calorie intake each day.

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