28 Parameters To Attaining Your Goal Within The "Inbound Marketing" And Increasing Your "Conversion Rate"

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Here is the set of what to measure, as well as focus on, to obtain more visitors, more leads and most importantly, more customers and more conversion rate for you.

Landing Pages

1. A call-to-action click rate (CTR) The amount and percentage of visitors who visit the landing page from your call-to-action button

2. The percentage of visitors that will lead Visit-to-lead conversion rate (conversion rate)

3. The share of leads that become customers Lead-to-customer conversion rate (conversion rate)

4. The share of visitors who become customers Visit-to-customer conversion Seo

5. Keyword Performance & ranking How your web pages rank searching engines for desired keywords / search phrases

6. Traffic from search Unique visitors visiting your site from search engines like google

7. Search traffic Search traffic includes brand related keywords / keywords and generic keyword / search term

8. Traffic from unique keywords / search term phrases The list of keywords / search term phrases that visitors use to discover your site.

9. Incoming links Quantity of links back in your site off their sites on the Internet

10. Sales (conversion rates) from search engines Visitors who arrived at your site through search, and became a lead Business Blogging

11. Individual views posts How many views each blog is

12. Blog Traffic & referral sources Just how much traffic you generate for your blog and where visitors are coming from

13. A call-to-act performance How effective the blog's individual call-to-actions (CTAS) is always to convert blog people to potential customers

14. Blog leads New leads which can be attributed to your blog

15. Visit-to-lead conversion rate (conversion rate) Your blog's conversion rate from visitors into leads Social media marketing

16. Resolve for social media Number of interactions generated in social media marketing channels

17. Traffic from Social networking The percentage of unique website visitors to your site via social media

18. The conversion rate (conversion rate) from social media marketing The percentage of visitors from social media convert into leads or customers Marketing with email

19. "Bounce rate" Number of all emails sent cannot be delivered to the recipient's inbox

20. Delivery Rate The share of emails that were actually sent to the recipient's inboxes

21. Email List growth rate A measurement of how fast your mailing list grows

22. Click Rate (CTR) The share of readers who clicked on one or more links found in an email message

23. The conversion rate (conversion rate) The proportion of recipients who clicked on a link in an email and completed a desired action

24. Revenue per email sent Measuring epic's return on investment "Lead nurturing" / Lead Care

25. Click rates (CTRs) The proportion of recipients who engaged one or more links in a "lead nurturing" email message

26. Conversion rates (conversion rates) The proportion of recipients who visited a link in a e-mail and completed a desired action

27. Time from result in customer's conversion rate How long it will take for a result in become a customer

28. Cost per customer Expenses for marketing and advertisements to obtain new customers

In order to read more about the different measurement parameters and get some more meat on the bone, you are able to download the ebook "How to Unlock the ROI of one's Marketing with Analytics" free from . Wish all of you the best for your success!...

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