2007 New Vehicle Extravaganza!

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A few months ago, in a related content, I covered five new or perhaps revised car types set to be launched on the United states market. The Jaguar XK, Saturn Sky, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Land Rover Freelander, as well as Dodge Nitro are already in showrooms or perhaps soon for making their appearance there. Past these five you will find a large number of other models also being planned and some have been released. Let? s check out five more versions catching the interest of auto fans just about everywhere.

Nissan Versa? Yes, Nissan possesses its own Scion fighter prepared and just over time too as two other cars, the Toyota Fit and Toyota Yaris, will also be making their debut in the fast crowding Era? Gym? group. The Versa looks more like the Toyota Matrix instead of the bread box searching Scion xB. Accessible as being a four door car or five doorway hatchback, the vehicle can come equipped not removed and include an AM/FM/CD sound system, air-con, 6 speed manny transmitting, and energy mirrors as regular equipment. On top of that, the spacious Versa will be priced at about $12, 000, correct in Scion place.

Saturn Feeling ? Finally, General Engines is paying a few serious attention to Saturn, it is? at some time? division. Since Oldsmobile is out of the way, GM seems prepared to have a look at how better to position the particular Saturn brand name. Thanks to GM? s European department, Opel, Saturn appears as though it is going to take advantage of a few new models and also the Aura sedan is only one of them. Powered with a three. 6L V6, the particular Aura is shapely, trendy, plus much more inviting than their? L Series? predecessor which was also Opel motivated.

Dodge Caliber ? Dodge? s Neon replacement goes wherever no small Avoid went before this. The 5 door wagon/hatchback is located on beefy nineteen inch wheels as well as incorporates the extreme Dodge crosshairs entr?e so popular on all of its automobiles. Three motor choices including one 8L, second . 0L, and second . 4L I4s fixed the car apart from the crowd. Avoid will be marketing the vehicle well beyond The united states in DCX? s quest to spread the Avoid brand worldwide. With a base price close to $14, 000 the Caliber will be competitive. Nevertheless, a Mexican built Scion such as? Hornet? will probably get to be the basic level car within a few years as DCX trains to take on Scion and the coming cheaply costed Chinese vehicles.

Volkswagen Pickup truck ? The yet to be named minivan will eventually be marketed through Volkswagen. Very little has to be created by VW to get ready for the vehicle? h arrival as it might be a rebadged version regarding Chrysler? s i9000 prosperous minivans, the particular Caravan and Town & Country. Yes, VW is looking at its German rival to fill the void inside the line up. For its part, VW will be sharing technology using DCX in the form of the Scion such as Dodge Hornet to become integrated Mexico. The actual Hornet will be based about the VW Polo, another automobile which may be imported to the US marketplace.

Kia Advantage? The crossover market gets hot with all the introduction from the Ford Edge. Marketed between the Escape and Explorer, the Edge will be powered by a three. 5L V6 and be available as front wheel drive people mover or even in all wheel generate. Lincoln gets a gussied up version from the Edge the Aviator.

Various other vehicles being released include full size trucks and SUVs for General Motors, the particular Saturn Sky transformable, a revamped Toyota Camry, as well as new offerings through Kia, Hyundai, and Toyota.

The options for consumers is constantly on the broaden and model year 2007 is going to be no exception.

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