2006 Ford Taurus: Swan Song

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The 2006 model year will end the heralded Taurus name and for this writer it is a bittersweet time as Ford retires what when the greatest selling auto in all of America.

When Ford introduced the Taurus along with its cousin the Mercury Sable in the mid 1980s the automobile represented a radical departure from the standard American automobile of the day. Relatively huge, front wheel drive, and really aerodynamic, the Taurus rapidly rose to the pinnacle of the American automobile sales charts and was the very best selling about astrology website car for numerous years in a row. A a lot delayed reskinning did not happen till 1996, some ten years right after the Taurus and Sable were 1st released. The new style, perceived by some to be ugly, swiftly expense Ford sales as newer and far more modern Toyota Camrys and Honda Accords out gained the line. Slight adjustments in style incorporated with the 2000 model year took some of the edge off, but by then the Taurus was regarded as to be too old and outmatched by the competition.

I purchased an all new 1994 Taurus and kept the automobile for seven years, racking up 117,000 miles prior to deciding it was time to trade in the car for a thing newer. I found the ride to be comfy, the interior space to be expansive, and I enjoyed the overall style of the car. I was also one particular of the first individuals to obtain a Taurus in the then new Hunter Green color, an appealing deep green that was admired by numerous.

When 2001 rolled around, I elected to lease a Saturn L series instead of going with taurus love horoscope the Taurus. I needed some thing related in size with the Taurus and at that time Saturn had a lease deal that could not be beat. In addition, I nevertheless wasnt impressed with the Taurus which I felt had been out-engineered by other automobiles in its class. So, I took property the Saturn and donated my Taurus to the Kidney Foundation.

The 2005 model year represented the final year that Ford would supply the Taurus by way of dealers for 2006 the Taurus is only accessible as a fleet vehicle and it is unchanged from the previous years model. The slow selling Sable was mercifully place to rest 1 year earlier.

For Ford, concentrating on trucks and SUVs meant neglecting much of their vehicle line up, including the Taurus. Larger and stronger SUVs, such as the Expedition and Excursion, were introduced as Americas tastes continued to shift from passenger automobiles to SUVs. In addition, the ever popular F Series choose up trucks went by means of regular style and engineering changes each and every 4 years or so as did the Explorer, Fords midsized SUV.

Larger gas rates and altering tastes are free astrology predictions the moment once again impacting Fords line up. The beefy Excursion is gone and new vehicles like the 5 Hundred and Fusion are now portion of the line up. These two new models represent a fresh alter for Ford and a guarantee that the consideration when given to the Taurus would be given to the new models. For that, I am glad.

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