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Los Angeles General Contractors, Home Builders and Home Remodeling Experts<h1>

General Contractor Los Angeles<h2>

LA Build Corp is a full service home remodeling and general contractor in Los Angeles that has over 20 years experience in the home improvement and construction world as general contractor. We offer a variety of services including home remodeling, new construction , additions , and retaining walls. We work personally with each and every one of our customers to ensure that their home design project meets their needs and suits their home design tastes. We are California's number one choice in home renovations and construction, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. As a contractor in Los Angeles , we wear a lot of hats. We can assist with constructing a home from the ground up, and we also specialize in kitchen remodeling , bathroom remodeling , and general home renovations. We help our customers save thousands of dollars by using energy efficient products and advising on the most cost effective methods that can be utilized in their remodeling and construction projects. When we, as Los Angeles general contractors , first meet with our clients to discuss their home project, we will go over their budget and advise on what we can do to stay within that price range. When it comes to home remodeling, a general rule of thumb is investing about 20-30 % of the value of your home towards your renovations. We always conduct pre inspections on every renovation or construction project, which allows us to weed out any potential issues that could cause costly mistakes or misunderstanding. Our projects are always finished on time, and our project managers run a tight ship to ensure that projects meet their deadlines and that the proper permits are in place. Finishing on time and securing the proper permits allows for our customers to save money as well. If you are looking to build a new home, add on a room or an entire wing, or are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you can rely on us. With over 20 years experience, we come highly recommended and are happy to provide referrals upon request. You can contact us for a free estimate, and one of our experienced eneral contractors in Los Angeles will be happy to meet with you and discuss your project. Home remodeling and construction can be very exciting, and LA Build Corp works hard to ensure that our customers are included in the experience. We believe in a comfortable and stress free work environment, and no job is too big or too small to keep clean and under control. By carefully mapping out the process of your home renovation, we ensure that there won't be any mistakes or hidden costs that tend to pop up with less experienced general contractor companies. Contact us for a free estimate and we look forward to getting started on your home renovation project!<h3> <h2>Home Remodeling Los Angeles <h2> <h3>Home Remodeling in Los Angeles California In today's market, many home buyers are looking into what is known as "fixer-uppers", this not only allows for buying a home that is in a more desirable neighborhood in a more cost efficient way, but also allows them to purchase a larger home for a lower price per Square foot. When buying a home in need of TCL or updates, it’s wise you have an expert home remodeling contractor to walk through the house with you before purchasing. This allows you to see all the possibilities a property has to offer and helps you make an informed decision. An expert general contractor or a remodeling contractor can save you from buying a home that requires more work and a larger budget then you are prepared for, or passing on a golden opportunity in a home just because you can not see the potentials an expert contractor can in a home. At LA Build Corp, we are a highly regarded construction company Los Angeles, and have a skilled team of designers, project managers, and general contractors that will custom design a plan that suits your tastes and needs perfectly. “The fact that we are homeowners ourselves and have completed countless home remodeling projects in Greater Los Angeles and Ventura County, we take pride in the fact that we listen to our clients and work hard to make their visions come to life in their new home.” We understand that the quality products make a huge difference in a home remodeling process, but they are only secondary to the quality of an exceptional contractors experience, professionalism, and work ethics. We only work with the top brands in the market, including Sterling, Genova, and Culligan. Our team will guide you through selecting the proper energy efficient products that give you the desired performance while helping you save money and take part in being environmentally conscious.<h3> 9 Reasons to Remodel Your Home 1. Sales potential The curb appearance of your home is important for raising the value and sales potential.Fresh paint, clean shutters, a new roof and neat landscaping are simple ways you can enhance curb appeal if you're looking to sell. 2. Preparing for retirement If you're planning on staying in your home thorough your senior years, it's important to upgrade your home with age-in-place features, including replacing your bathtubs with easy step-in showers with bars and installing toilets for people with limited mobility or in wheelchairs. 3. Go green Paying too much for your utilities? Replace your single-panel windows with energy-efficient windows and you can save hundreds in monthly bills. Water bill is higher then you think it should be? Looking into water pressure reducing valves. There are many ways an expert general contractor and a home remodeling expert can help you with going green. 4. Home is where the heart is and the kitchen is the heart of the home. Family and friends gather and spend most of their time here. Women think men fall in love with them because of the bedroom, but the reality is it's the kitchen. So consider installing a new stove, replacing your refrigerator or putting in new cabinets to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. More reasons... LA Build Corp is a full service home Remodeling and construction company in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We specialize in additions and home remodeling in Los Angeles , and are experts in our field. We are a BBB accredited company and have over 20 years experience in the business, and customer service is our number one priority. We take the extra steps in order to personalize each job, and we work closely with our clients to stay within the price range they are comfortable with. Contact Us Today for a free consultation at 877-215-0057. <h2> New Construction Los Angeles <h2> When it comes toConstruction Los Angeles , LA Build Corp is the number one choice of Southern Californians. We offer a variety of Construction services Los Angeles , both interior and exterior, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are satisfied with every step of the construction and remodeling process. Construction services we offer: When our clients meet with us for the first time, we will carefully go over every step in the process, and since every construction project is different, we will create a custom plan that matches our customers' needs and budget. Project management is an important factor in all construction projects, and the difference between us and many other Construction Los Angeles companies is that we have thousands of hours in project management experience. Our project managers will make sure that your construction project stays within your budget, and they will also work hard to find specific areas where you can save money without sacrificing quality. We will always obtain the proper permits in order to keep the job moving along at a timely pace, and we will make sure the job is done to your complete satisfaction. Count On Us! LA Build Corp- Construction Los Angeles believes in customer satisfaction and a job well done. We work hands-on with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and that their remodeling and home construction is what they had envisioned. Our contractors have over 20 years of experience and our project managers work hard to save our customers money and time. If you are a resident of Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, and looking to start a construction project in Los Angeles , such as: build a home from the ground up, renovate your home interior, add a deck, patio, or retaining wall, look no further than LA Build Corp. We are Southern California's number one choice in home remodeling, and we pride ourselves on our customer service and communication skills. Feel free to contact us for an estimate or with any questions you may have regarding the construction or renovation of your home. <h2>Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles <h2> Have you been waiting around to finally find the right design and the perfect contractor to start your Kitchen Remodeling project? Here are some tips on kitchen remodeling provided by LABuildcorp.com, Experts with Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles,CA. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, starting of on the right foot is essential, there is nothing worse than starting an unplanned and unprepared project and having to waste time and resources fixing and redoing unnecessary steps. When it comes to any remodeling, in particular kitchen remodeling, finishing on time is definitely the first money saving factor. Best way to start is by following the steps below: The Kitchen Design
keep in mind that the kitchen is the heart of all family life.
Creating an area that fits your family needs and allows you to have an intimate and fun family time. Functionality; Are you a professional cook? Is cooking a passion and you need your kitchen to inspire your inner chef? Do you have to cater to your young children for many years to come? These are questions you need to answer before you start your kitchen remodeling process. In our 10 years of experience in this field, we can certainly guide you and help you utilize your space to fit your life choices. Project Timeline; when it come to Kitchen Remodeling, setting a realistic timeline for your contractor is essential. Make sure you ask many questions in your initial meeting. Make sure the contractor you are hiring has the right sources to order the materials needed in a timely manner. Also the experience and manpower it takes to deliver your project on time. Last but not least, “The budget”; if you have a solid idea on the steps we provided you above, you can easily set a realistic budget. <h2> Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles <h2> Bathroom remodeling , no matter how big or small, is a very technical and detail sensitive project. Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles especially is one of the projects that needs to be done right. Why, you ask? Given the downfall in the housing market in recent years and the dramatic impact it had on Southern California’s housing market, it is very essential to homeowners to pick a project that gives them the most return on the money invested on their home. Many studies indicate that Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles and surrounding areas (in the western region of the country overall) can bring in up to 112% of the original money investment given that it has been done right. Here are a few tips and trends when it comes to bathroom remodeling Los Angeles, and yes we have mastered them all: 1. Nooks & Shadow box build-ins: Recessing larger items like shelves act as storage space without taking up precious square footage at the same time create an engaging vintage look. Consider built-ins, such as, recessed soap dishes in the shower, receding medicine cabinets and toilet roll holders, to offer a unique look creating a hidden touch. 2. Flooring: Linoleum and patterned porcelain tiles in bathroom flooring has come a long way. Replacing this aged ‘style’ sets the foundation of the surrounding décor. Eco-friendly wood such as, Teak, has been created for use in high-moisture zones. It protects against water damage because Teak is extremely tough made up of a water resistant richness, perfect for bathroom remodeling or kitchen renovations. Find out about other options. 3. Lighting: This is even more essential when it come to Master bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles. Consider adding ceiling lights or light fixtures especially around the mirrors. You can also take your Bathroom Remodeling project to the next level by adding a skylight. 4. Splash of color: Stick to classy cream and white in turn highlighting the walls with a suggested eye-catching color palette. Whether your interest in your bathroom remodeling leans towards modern or vintage, a splash of color is expressed in various ways be it painted walls or accented vanities. The key here is to have a cohesive bathroom remodeling plan in place. 6. Spa Amenities: Many of our clients have discovered how wonderful it is to walk in their bathroom and de-stress with a steam bath. Our expert bathroom remodelingdesigners at LA Build Corp. can deliver this luxury like no one else can in Los Angeles. 7. Large, airy showers: regardless of the size of the bathroom, many Los Angeleshomeowners have been requesting to have their bathroom remodeled in a way that gives them an open, airy and Zen feel, to wash away the stress of the day. With a proper planning and the right amount of resources bathroom remodeling becomes a timeless touch at an impeccable value. Advantages of remodeling your bathroom with the right contractor... Read More At LA Build Corp. we specialize on custom bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. We offer you our 20 years of experience and in house consultation and evaluation for FREE. Our customer satisfaction guarantee on your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles is not just a promise we make, it is also backed by the stellar reputation we have amongst out clients and with our A rating with Better Business Bureau. “BBB has sufficient background information on this business, and No complaints filed with BBB.” These are amongst factors used to rate LA Build Corp. As homeowners, we understand how aggravating it is to have to live with a construction job gone wrong. Bathroom remodeling , kitchen remodeling and such jobs are a permanent changes that homeowners have to live with for years to come. We take such trust put in our hands seriously and we personally want to know that our clients love the outcome of our efforts. Count On Us! LA Build Corp- Construction Los Angeles believes in customer satisfaction and a job well done. We work hands-on with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and that their bathroom remodeling is what they had envisioned. Our contractors have over 20 years of experience and our project managers work hard to save our customers money and time. If you are a resident of Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, and looking to start a bathroom remodeling project inLos Angeles , look no further than LA Build Corp. We are Southern California's number one choice in home remodeling , and we pride ourselves on our customer service and communication skills. Feel free to contact us at 877-215-0065 for an estimate or with any questions you may have regarding the bathroom remodeling or other renovations of your home.

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