1500 Calorie a Day Diet Plan - Reduce Your Daily Calorie Intake

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The market is certainly inundated by thousands of weight loss pills, dietary supplements, appetite suppressants and what not, which all make tall claims but don’t deliver the expected results. While most of them are making tall claims and promising to help you lose a lot of pounds in a couple of weeks, not all of them are realistic, so you can take it from there. And can you afford to make mistakes or compromises when your health is on the line?

One of the most realistic and doable weight loss programs is the 1500 calorie diet. As the name indicates, once you start the diet you’ll be eating food that contains no more than 1500 calories, as this is the optimal amount of calories that provides the body with the energy it needs and helps you lose more pounds. Therefore, while you are losing weight you will also maintain your health, which is very important.

Unlike other diets that recommend people to eat less in order to lose weight, this diet allows you to establish your own menu plan and eat various products and foods, in order to stay satisfied and don’t get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. But instead of eating lots of junk food rich in calories, you’ll be eating more fruit, vegetables and healthy products with a lower amount of fats.

On the internet you will find a lot of resources and examples indicating an optimal 1500 calorie meal plan. This is not a strict diet, forbidding you to eat when you’re hungry or consume the foods you like. You just have to be careful not to eat more than indicated. So you can consult the meal plan examples you can find online and replace the aliments you don’t like with similar products that contain the same number of calories and you’re set to go.

With the 1500 calorie diet, you’ll never grow bored of eating the same things because you can change products and foods in your diet according to your preference and mood. You are at liberty to choose delicious meals and products of your liking so that you never get bored or tired of the same food every day.

This diet will prove efficient in your case too, if you have a strong will and are determined to achieve the optimal weight. Being slim and healthy will boost your self-esteem and make you see the world from a completely new perspective.

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