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Depositing and playing casino games online is just means getting rewards in the form of bonuses. But deposit bonus online casino and its related processes varies from one casino to the other and are. There are different types of bonuses that are offered by online casinos, some of the most important types are mentioned below.

The first type of deposit bonus that you come across in an online casino is the Welcome Bonus. This type of bonus is offered for the new players. Therefore, it is also known as the Sign-up Bonus or the New Player Bonus. These are generally in the form of percentages, where you can be offered a percentage of 50% to as high as 500% on your first deposit. There is always an upper limit to the amount of money you can deposit under this type of bonus.

For example, consider that you get a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to a maximum deposit of $200. And, now if you deposit $200 into your online casino account, the casino credits your account with another $200. But, if you deposit $300, the casino will again deposit $200, because it is the maximum deposit for this bonus percentage. Generally, a 100% Sign-up bonus is known as a Match Bonus. This is because your deposit gets matched by the online casino. This type of bonus pays you some of the biggest incentives from the side of online casinos.

The deposit bonus online casino wants to provide benefits to every player and they offer reload bonus to their existing players when they make a deposit. Every player has a chance to get the bonuses that comes within a range of 50 percent to 100 percent maximum.

Another commonly found bonus type is the Preferred Banking Bonus or the Preferred Payment Bonus. It is not a high amount of bonus, but the 10% to 15% that it offers on your deposit also adds up a few dollars to your bankroll. This bonus is offered to you when you make the deposit using the banking method preferred by the online casino. The different payment methods are the online wallets through which you make the payment, and they can be different from one online casino to another.

Online casinos reward High Roller Bonuses to their players who make huge deposits. The minimum required deposit for this type of bonus can be more than $1,000. This bonus can be either a percentage of your deposit or a cash amount. For example, some online casinos offer a High Roller Bonus of 150%. So, if your cash deposit is $1,000, you would get $1,500 from the online casino into your bankroll.

If you have been playing in an online casino for a long time, you become a loyal player and become eligible to get Loyalty Bonus. You must find a reliable deposit bonus online casino and play regularly with them to achieve the VIP member level. The older the player you are the more the loyalty bonuses you would get.

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