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Functional Mulberry Mabel Garment Case

Hey, remember the chic outfit bags released by Chanel in addition to Louis Vuitton? Here, Mulberry uk also offers such a functional bag for the stylish traveler especially. This Mulberry Mabel Garment Bag is a chic upgrade of the particular luggage bag. It is functional and stylish as well. Let's have a close observation of the Mulberry bag.

This Mabel Garment Bag by Mulberry otulet is constructed from black soft spongy leather-based and grosgrain lining. As I see that, black is the the most appropriate color for men, especially for men about business. The black bag put in at home to maintain and take care yet it is the decent and professional colour. Here the spongy leather is a joy to use automobile soft and spongy feel. Its gentle dimpled influence and lightweight nature is just available after undergone a particular process. Being comfortable and trendy, this leather surely would suit all tastes. You would like that, I guess.

This designer mulberry bags measures 49cm high, 59cm in width in addition to 3. 5cm in depth. Such a large measurement enables it to comprise internal loop for clinging garments and three shoe pockets likewise. With a 23cm prolonged handle drop, this garment bag can readily fits over your neck. On the front on this Mabel Garment bag there are two front zip pockets, a belt strap buckle in addition to an optional luggage marking. As a whole, it is to possibly be folded and closed simply by two magnetic clip closures. Such a designer bag would accompany all the boring travel time. It is available for a price of 995 sterling fat.

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