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PARMA-ITALY PORTAL NEWS of the week News from Parma News from Italy Entertainments Events - Exhibitions Parma that's changing (photo) Town speak trailer Map Meteo Verdi and music We are... Books & video Last update : July 28, 2012

INFORMATION Services: Addresses and timetables, telephones links and municipalities

Transports: Bus, trains, airplanes, parkings

Hotels and restaurants: Hotels, restaurants

Free time and sport: Entertainments, events events, exhibitions

Who's who: Yesterday and today's personalities

The main links: Services, companies and municipalities TOURISM

Tourist routes, Fairs, tiger games Hotels: Suggested routes, week-end, gastronomic tour, guided visits, Francigena route , exhibitions, hotels

Parma city of arts: Around Parma, art, museums, exhibitions, music

The Province and its Castles: The Apennine, the castles, gastronomy, municipalities

Verdi and his native country: The place of his life, the Parmese lowlands, gastronomy

MADE in christmas lights PARMA

Gastronomy: Cookery, recipes, ham, cheese, culatello, wines, cakes, liqueurs

Beauty and health: The famous violet of Parma, creams and tisane prepared by Benedictines

Gifts: Quality products: leather bags and belts, pottery

The companies: Companies and marks christmas songs


News : From italian news agency, weather , report televideo RAI , from stock exchange

Useful numbers: Search of telephone numbers, english speaking course yellow pages, postcodes

Transports: Railway timetables, Alitalia flights, motorway traffic

Government and institutions: The Government and Ministries, INPS (National Istitute of Social Insurance)

The sport: Soccer, formula one, cycling

Shopping: The Italian quality in shopping on line

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Photo of the week GHIAIA

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